A CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No: 130344



  1. Minimum age for admission in LKG is  3 years and 6 month. 
  2. Documents required:
    • Date of Birth Certificate copy 
    • Adhaar card copy
    • 4 Passport size photo of the candidate
    • One family Photo. 
  3. Classes K.G. to IX : Registration for the admissions of Class K.G. to IX normally starts from the month of February, and admissions are made on the basis of counselling and merits. Applications are entertained only for the classes in which vacancies exist.
  4. Transfer Cases : New students coming into city on transfer are considered for admission, subject to the same conditions as mentioned above.
    • At the time of the admission, the following documents must be produced :
    • Birth Certificate
    • Adhaar card copy
    • Transfer Certificate duly contersigned by the local DEO ( District Education Officer ) (T.C.)
    • Passing Certificate of the previous class.
    • Transfered order of parents.
  5. Admission to Class XI : Admission to Class XI is not automatic. All students are require to apply for admission on prescribed format. All admissions to Class XI are provisional until the results of the Class X Board Examinations are declared.

Science Stream :                  ( MPC )  English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, /Computer Science.

                                              ( Bi.PC ) English Core, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, /Computer Science.

Commerce Stream :            English Core,  Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Mathematics / Computer Science.

A merit list of all those students will be prepared who apply for the admission on the basis of their performance in Class X. Only the students featuring in this merit list will be considered for admission in Class XI (Science / Commerce Stream).

Would you like more information?

Please contact the Admission Office at 94940-94832 / 9515075476 /  94915-69487. Our admissions associates will be glad to schedule a tour of our campus, a "day at school" for prospective students. Do not hesitate to contact our admissions heads with any questions regarding the admissions process or application. We look forward to sharing CARMEL vision with you.   




Admission open for 2019-2020

Carmel English School welcomes you to choose this school!

  • Minimum age for admission in LKG is  3 years and 6 month. 
  • Documents required:
    • Date of Birth Certificate copy 
    • Adhara card copy
    • 4 Passport size photo of the candidate
    • One family Photo. 
  • Fee Detail:
    • CLASS TUITION FEE             ANNUAL FEE            
      LKG         13,000.00             1,000.00
      UKG         15,000.00             1,000.00
      1st         16,500.00             1,500.00
      2nd         17,000.00             1,500.00
      3rd         17,500.00             1,500.00
      4th         18,000.00             1,500.00
      5th         18,500.00             1,500.00
      6th         19,000.00             1,500.00
      7th         20,500.00             1,500.00
      8th         22,500.00             1,500.00
      9th         24,500.00             1,500.00
      10th          26,500.00             1,500.00
      11th- Commerce         29,000.00             2,000.00
      11th- Science         31,500.00             3,500.00
      12th- Science         31,500.00             3,500.00
      ADMISSION FEE :RS. 1500 ONLY. 
  • Hostel Facilities is available for Secondary and Senior Secondary  grade students ( IX, X, XI, XII) 
  • Transportation facility is available